Welcome to our badminton club. You can find out all about us here but if you have any other questions or want to come and check us out then please feel to contact the committee or other club members.

This weeks badminton and locations:

Clubnight is at Scaltback, Wednesday 18th October, 7.30pm


Monday 16th October Cambs Men 1 v Barn
Soham (Ross Peer’s) Sports Ctr. College Cl.  CB7 5HP  8.00pm

Tuesday 17th October Cambs Ladies  v Hurst
Scaltback Schoool, Elizabeth Avenue, Newmarket  7.30pm

Wednesday 18th October Con ClubNkt Mixed 2
Howard Middle School, Beard Road, Bury St Edmunds 7.00pm

Friday 13th October  Nkt Mix 2 v Newmarket
Scaltback Schoool, Elizabeth Avenue, Newmarket  7.30pm