About us

Welcome to our badminton club.

Please read this introduction letter. It will give you an insight into our club and answer any questions that you may have, but if you have any other queries please feel free to ask the committee or other club members.

Club Membership:

Our club consists of approximately 30 members and the playing standard ranges from lower divisions up to County. We play at Newmarket Leisure Centre (Abbeycroft Leisure) in Newmarket and have use of four courts. We are a league-playing club. At the moment we are unable to take on beginners as we currently do not have the resources available for coaching. We play with feather shuttlecocks.

Club Nights: 

Our club nights are on Fridays from 7.30pm to 10.00pm. Our season runs from the beginning of September to the end of April. We also run a Summer club, which depending on demand, runs from May to September on a pay and play basis, and is also open to non-members.

Playing as a guest:

As a guest player, we offer your first night for free. After this you would be required to pay £4.00 (or £2.00 for juniors) per night as a guest, usually for a maximum of three club nights (see below).

If you are thinking of joining (club guideline number 11):

The club has limited capacity for membership numbers therefore to maintain the desired decent playing standard potential members will be assessed and, after a maximum of 3 guest appearances, the committee will be in a position to engage with individuals to discuss what we can offer and whether club membership is appropriate. Even where new members have been paying and playing at the Summer club, this will still apply in terms of joining the main club.

What it costs:

Our annual subscription / membership fee is currently £100 per year (£40.00 for juniors, defined as under 18 years old at 1st January) with a £10 penalty fee if you are an existing member who fails to pay the subscription by 1st October. A reduced subscription may be offered to new members joining part way through the season.

How the club nights run (club guideline number 12):

At club night, when it is sufficiently busy, we operate a game selection using a pegboard, which is stored in the club box. Each person is responsible for putting his or her peg on the top of the board. The person whose peg is at the bottom must then choose their next game, ideally by selecting 4 players from the bottom 6. Exceptions where discretion may be used by going up another player or two is permitted to mix up players, (to split up players who find themselves continually going on court with the same people), to make up a men’s / women’s / mixed game or the selecting player may even miss a turn to then make up a suitable or match practice game.

New arrivals should, within reason, be slotted in at the earliest possible opportunity. This is important for everyones enjoyment so committee members will be on hand to introduce the players to guests and advise on selections for balanced / evenly matched games.


Attendance at club night is paramount to a successful club as is member co-operation, so we expect members to help with setting up and tidying away (i.e. posts, nets, sorting shuttles, etc). Everyone should aim to arrive as near to 7.30p.m .as possible.


We play our home matches on Mondays (Soham & Burwell), Tuesdays (Newmarket Leisure Centre) and Fridays at Scaltback (until end October 2017)  from 7.30p.m. to 10.00p.m. We currently field the following teams:

  • Newmarket Badminton League (5 teams): 3 Men’s teams (of 4 players), 1 Women’s team (of 4 players) and 2 Mixed teams (of 6 players)
  • South Cambs League (3 teams): 1 Men’s team (of 6 players), 1 Women’s team (of 6 players) and 1 Mixed team (of 6 players).

Match fees are £4.00 per match (both home and away), £2.00 for juniors.

What else do we do?

As for competitions, we hold 5 club tournaments a year: Mixed; Women’s & Men’s Doubles; and Women’s and Men’s Individual, plus a Christmas tournament during December. Entry is free and the dates, together with those of other events, are shown on our fixtures list. We also enter teams into local tournaments and competitions abroad, plus arrange other social events during the season.

Who runs the club?

We are pretty democratic and the Club holds an Annual General Meeting each year to elect a governing committee, selection committee and to decide on fees. Click here to see our current committee                                           

The current Selection Committee consists of the current year’s captains, plus the Chairman.

If you join our club, please make sure that you also collect a copy of the St. Phillips A.B.C. Club Guidelines, Team Captains’ Guidelines and the Match Fixture and Events Calendar, available from our club box. Also we suggest that you familiarise yourself with the websites:

  • plus news about the local leagues etc at:

newmarketbadmintonfederation.org.uk & Facebook and scambsbadminton.net

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