International Tournaments

Newmarket Badminton Federation 25th International Tournament    17/18th February 2018

St Phillips and Newmarket had interest in all four categories (names in bold) with Ed almost making runner up spot in a highly competitive top B1 group.  Then almost a one/two in the next B2 category with Richard’s team winning – well done ! and Tom and Sue McKeown’s team narrowly missing out on runner up spot by just 2 points !  Karyn, Sandra and Phil Clarke a respectable 5th in the C1 category and the rest of us a bit lower down the order.  Then a good result for Dan Lebbon’s team runner up in the C2 category.
As well as playing Sue, Karyn, Sandra and John Harvey were also running the show ably assisted by Martyn Clarke and a kick start from Phil on his birthday Saturday.
Hopefully we can squeeze a few more club members into the event next year as it’s a lot of cracking good games played in great spirit.

NBF results

Full results are on the NBF Facebook page

Photos of the event to follow